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The Tribe

Together, Connected, we are stronger.

The Change Tribe is passionate about creating a transformative movement for joyful, impactful work.

The Change Tribe is a powerful collective. This is where you have the freedom and the motivation to:

  • Unleash your full capabilities 

  • Harness your super powers

  • Supercharge your skills 

  • Create your magical standards for awesome

  • Enjoy transformative experiences 

We call this wonderful powerhouse of like-hearted people sharing a diverse array of experiences and unique perspectives the ‘Tribe Brain’. 


The power of the Tribe Brain empowers you and your organisation to unlock your fullest potential.

What’s in it for you?

Supercharge your career growth and expansion

Brain Storming on Paper

Innovate Your Evolution

Unleash Powerful Outcomes Through Dynamic Brainstorming and Experimentation.

Supercharge Superpowers

Connect, Collaborate, Excel.

Embrace diverse strengths and workstyles to amplify connections within your workspace.

Woman with Silver Star Balloons

Unleash Vision

Tap into Game-Changing Strategies through Shared Experiences and Diverse Perspectives.

Amplify Influence

Elevate Impact Through Thinking Differently.


Unleash Your Potential

Discover Clarity, Desires, and Self-Vision in this Enchanting Space of Personal Expansion.

Elevate Your Approach

Embrace Safe Experimental Learning with Rituals and Change Experiences, Ready to Transform Your Workplace.

Hands Up

“The power of belonging to a tribe is extraordinary.
It gives us a sense of purpose, empowerment, connection and support.”

What’s in it for your organisation?

Silhouette with Mountains

Transform with Confidence

Embrace New Ways of Working Through Rituals and Change Experiences Before Embedding Them in Your Organisation.

Empower Solutions

Access Transformational Practitioners from Diverse Backgrounds to Conquer Change Challenges with Unmatched Effectiveness.

Pose at Protest

Unite Diverse Perspectives

Forge Bonds Across Proclivities, Backgrounds, Levels, and Industries, Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Work for your Organisation.

Accelerate Transformation

Change Experiences with the Tribe, Pave the Fast Lane to Seamless Change and Evolution.

Kids with Capes

Supercharge Your Team

Expand In-house Capabilities, Cultivate Team Connections, and Accelerate Collective Impact Through Proclivity Diversity.

Cut External Consultancy Reliance

Leverage Tribe Brain's Diversity, Perspectives, Support, and Expert Practitioners

Step into Our Unconventional Tribe.


We gather to laugh, play, explore, and experiment.


We're your support, your learning space, your expansion zone. When the current pulls against you, know that we stand by your side.


Together, we share energy and elevate one another. Let's rock the world and reach for greatness, hand in hand.

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There is no such thing as failure.
Just the infinite value of
‘test and learn’.
Be fearless. We’ve got you!

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