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About Us

The Change Tribe is passionate about creating a transformative movement for joyful, impactful work.

To us this means reshaping how organisations work and empowering people to find their superpowers.

The Change Tribe is borne out of our passion to create a space where we can create connection and belonging. 

Our own experiences have shown us that transformation programmes can be lonely, challenging places if you do not have the right support, the Tribe wisdom and people to laugh through the hard times with. 

We know. We have been there. Many, many times!

That is why we decided to build this magical space to support you, your teams and your organisation through your evolutionary journey with fun, laughter and lots of joy. 


Real Transformational Experience

Between us, we have over 40 years of transformation experience across many sectors and sizes of organisation, successfully supporting thousands of people through their change and evolution.


We have undertaken all kinds of change initiatives, up to large scale, multi billion pound transformations, across a variety of projects including:


  • Go To Market

  • Digital Transformation

  • New Product Launches

  • Restructuring and Reorganisation

  • Regulatory and Legal Compliance

  • Culture Enhancement

  • Business Agility

  • Leadership Alignment

Endless Sand

Meet the Team

Nikki Finucan Profile Picture

Nikki Finucan

Chief Game Changer and Polisher

david papa.png

David Papa

Chief Strategist, Improviser, Coach

Nikki Finucan Profile Picture

Nikki Finucan

Chief Game Changer and Polisher

  • LinkedIn

Meet the Creative Catalyst: Once a number-crunching accountant turned corporate hippy, I revel in partnering with diverse companies to kickstart and sculpt transformations (Game Changer Impact) while nurturing their ongoing evolution (Polisher Impact). From digital revolutions and immersive experience projects to reshaping structures and continuous enhancements, I thrive on infusing my Game Changer energy into unique collaborations with teams and organizations. 


My passion lies in infusing corporate spaces with a touch of hippy wisdom, sculpting empowered, high-performing teams that champion curiosity over the fear of change. 


In my philosophy, people are the heartbeat of transformation. That's why I wield the GC Index to unveil and harness the potent power of individuals and collectives. Are talents aligned with roles? Does the change-friendly culture prevail? Where should energies converge for maximum  impact? Is a team's purpose in sync with the grand organizational mission? How harmonious are teams with the overarching mission, vision, and goals? 


Guiding individuals, teams, and organizations to unearth their true Impact through the GC Index is pure elation. Witnessing their spark reignite and watching them channel change through nurturing, agile frameworks brings immeasurable joy. The ripple effect extends, as individuals and teams bask in alignment with their innate tendencies and profound impact. When empowered and impactful, we conjure wondrous, magical metamorphosis. 


Remember, the boldest are blessed by fortune. Let your brilliance and impact radiate... I'm here to twirl and create a new rhythm with you!

Why Clients Love Her

Sparkling Lights

Nikki Finucan offers a wide range of leadership transformation skills. Her approach to team dynamics is centred on developing and enabling the very best in the teams she works with.

Dr George Woods KStJ, DBA, MBA, HonRSCM
Chief Business Officer,
St John Ambulance England 
Sparkling Lights

I met Nikki when my company needed help with a large transformation project that included many areas of the business such as Order to Cash and Sales. What struck me was Nikki’s energy and enthusiasm from the get-go to really understand the customer. Her breadth of knowledge helped our teams work through what we wanted/needed and to shape our actions to deliver “the final plan”. She has gravitas to sit in C-Level conversations and help departments engage productively with one another. I highly recommend Nikki if you want a strong, smart and talented individual focused on delivering results.

Lorraine Veber 
Sparkling Lights

Nikki’s ability to get people to solve for the "solvable " problems was remarkable. She took complex business and technology challenges and separated people and process from technology to create an environment where progress could be made. This skillset is unique and something every business should be looking to bring into their organization.

Scott Hestmark
david papa.png

David Papa

Chief Strategist, Improviser, Coach

  • LinkedIn

Your business will become a real force for good in this world when you fully empower yourself and your people. It’s my expertise to help you do that using Improv, EQ, and Creation Coaching.

In 20 years, I’ve trained many hundreds of leaders in the art of communication, emotional intelligence, improvisation, wellbeing, coaching, and human motivation for in-person and remote work. I’ve helped organizations sell more, diffuse conflict, develop their rockstars, create winning cultures, re-do their values, and come up with clever customer strategies. I’ve seen leaders laugh with their teams, celebrate their success, and be truly proud of their work. 

I’ve had the privilege of working in many industries with fascinating companies, and in every case the real power of the business comes from the people, starting at the top. I would love to help you use your power for greatness and a better world.

Why Clients Love Him

Sparkling Lights

David collected and delivered feedback for the entire executive team and facilitated a meeting to integrate it. This work started the important conversations we needed to have, revealed blind spots we hadn’t noticed, helped us improve our relationships, and gave us the messages we needed to hear to make the right adjustments. Some of the techniques David used are things we are now using every week in our meetings.

Jenny B.,
Former CFO, Zapier
Sparkling Lights

David not only inspired us with lots of new business ideas and approaches on how to find customers, he most importantly helped us to realize the individual purpose that the members of our management team want to achieve. In this very intensive one-day workshop, we got clarity on who we are and where we want to go.

Regula S., CEO, Former Managing Partner at Eleveneye
Sparkling Lights

David, I wanted to thank you for the highly significant impact you’ve had on ISP. For helping us re-establish our values from the ground up, for giving us a workable strategy to inspire the change I’ve been hoping for – it has been extremely useful to have your perspective combined with data you helped collect from our own systems, clients and employees.

Viktoria K, Founder and Former CEO, International Study Programs

We can’t  wait to meet you!

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