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The Energy Audit 

A personal tool for energising yourself and your work.

Grab it for free. 

This tool will show how you most enjoy creating impact and contributing and how to align your work to who you really are.


You will begin to understand what tasks drain you or energise you. This will develop into insight into how to structure your day for maximum contribution, impact, and of course, high vibe energy for your best work.


All while feeling energised to do more fun stuff after your work day is done! 

This will help you:

  • Thrive not just survive day to day

  • Be more productive, doing what you love using data and science

  • Stop the exhaustion, fatigue and overwhelm you feel each morning and each evening

  • Align your people with data, to the right roles with the right skills and energy

  • Manage your day, time and energy more effectively based on clear data points

  • Increase your team and organisation’s well being, reducing burn out and stress leave

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