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Zone of Greatness

For Rebels, Leaders, Change-Makers, and Corporate Heretics who want to know their natural Purpose, unique Value, and get paid what they are Worth.


In Our 8-Week Mastermind You Will:

  • Get crystal clear about who you are and the unique value you bring to any project or role

  • Know the exact type of work that lights you up

  • Identify the work situations in which you are most powerful and accelerate your productivity

  • Connect to and define your purpose, and more importantly, know how to start acting on it now, no more waiting.

  • From a place of trust, know exactly what opportunities to pursue

  • Be able to set stronger, more supportive boundaries

  • Be able to define and speak out loud your unique value to others

  • Gain confidence to sell and negotiate for yourself to get paid what you are worth

  • See the path to your best work and greatest impact and productivity

  • Skyrocket your confidence to make the bold move you know you want


You have discovered the

Zone of Greatness 

A small group of adventurers owning their unique Zone of Greatness to change their work and lives over 8-weeks.

  • Get your Natural Impact Energy Type Report at the start, to know exactly how to make work joyful, fun, energizing, and fulfilling

  • Discover your Skill Stack, which makes you stand out in your industry and get paid more

  • Learn the 4 levels of integration, so you are fully aligned in mind, body, emotions, and spirit, giving you full power to take action create

  • Learn emotional processing, to get you over any obstacle or difficult emotion that comes in your path, so surprises can't derail you, they only make you stronger

  • Meet an amazing cast of fellow adventurers that will use their ideas and network to help support your greatness, for life!


All this for only £2222.

Super heroes.png


You wake up for the day rip-roaring with energy, so excited to get to work. So excited to act and create. Because you know exactly what to do and how to do it in a way you love. You can't wait to see what results will come, amazing messages and clients will show up in your inbox.

First you start your morning with greatness practices, centering yourself, clearing emotions, and connecting with your inner knowing and guidance. Drawing in your power and focusing on exactly what is highest value for you to do.

Then you get to your desk and your heart is pumping faster because you are about to have fun. Your work is set up to use your natural energy and your unique skill stack. You know it will feel like flow. You'll have a smile on your face as your to-do list dissolves. You know you are creating massive value in the world can't believe you get paid to feel this good about work.

The people you work with are pumped for the day. They each know how their greatness fits with yours. As a team you have never had more fun or done more amazing work together.

But then some obstacle shows up, the inevitable unexpected challenge. The emotions get a little difficult, but you know exactly how to handle it. You do your greatness practices to let go of the upset and return you to peace. Then the insight comes in of exactly how to handle the situation with the most ease. You immediately act on it and the problems dissolves.

And there it is, some news lands in your inbox. Another high-paying client has said YES, the new job you wanted is confirmed, your income is about to jump, AGAIN.

Your greatness is literally making you more money and making your life more fun. You call up one of your new friends from your Circle of Greatness to celebrate. They are jumping for joy for you AND they have a new person to connect you with.


You are kind of stunned. You wonder: how much farther can this take me? How much positive impact could I make in the world? How easy can it actually get? You wish you learned your Zone of Greatness sooner!

Your Zone of Greatness is the missing piece of loving your work and excelling like Magellan.

Is this you?

🖕Tired of constantly trying to find your "purpose"? Your zone of greatness will lead you to it step by step.

🖕Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, yet undervalued at work? Never question your value again.

🖕Struggling to get your business moving and growing? Your Zone of Greatness will reveal your highest value tasks. 

🖕Constantly fatigued, and anxious, just trying to keep going? Energise yourself by staying in your natural energy type.

🖕Imposter syndrome, lacking in confidence to make the bold moves you know you want? Let your Zone of Greatness be a map for your  best steps forward. .

🖕Dreading the constant cycle of everything is urgent and putting out work fires? Learn how to work differently to get ahead of your list.

🖕Unsure of your true impact at work? Know exactly how to give your greatest contribution every day.

🖕Believing that success requires following a traditional, linear path? You will chart your unique path based on your zone of greatness. 

🖕Feeling like there is not really anyone you can talk to about all this? The Circle of Greatness wants to hear your real experience so we can shift it.

🖕Asking yourself, is this all there is? Where is my success? Where the eff is it? Is this really as far as I got with all the work I've done? Make your success inevitable by staying in your power.

These are all symptoms of not knowing, not understanding, and not living in your Zone of Greatness. Instead, you got pulled into a zone of mediocrity by other people's rules and ideas. How long will you let your self live like this?


It's OKAY. We've been there. We see you. We got you. You don't deserve this. You never asked for this. And this ends now. Your freedom begins. Time to own your Greatness and Be it. 


Enter the Circle of Greatness and see what you are truly able to do.

It's not your fault. No one told you about the Zone of Greatness Formula.

Yes, there is a formula. This is not a vague concept. There is a proven method. The Circle of Greatness lays out the formula and gets you working in it.

You will learn to stop listening to the noise coming from others. They kept telling you how to be a good girl or boy, how to please people, how to get success in the way someone else did. That's the zone of never being fulfilled. 

If you continue to listen to that noise you could go your whole career never seeing how great you could be. Never tasting the sweetness of getting paid bucket loads just by you being the real you. Never offering your real gifts to the world and seeing what amazing impact that has. Instead, you now have the opportunity to learn to listen deeply to  yourself and see what can you can truly become. Don't you want to see what you can do?

Now that you know about this, if you do nothing, then, yeah, it will be your fault. 😁

It's easy to say "find your purpose" and "follow your joy" but a lot harder to act on it and make it happen.

Unless you have a formula.

The Formula for Your
Zone of Greatness

The Zone of Greatness comes from data, science, experience, and a pinch of woo.


Energy Audit + GC Index Profile + Skill Stack + 4 Levels of Integration = Your Zone of Greatness

Complete those 4 components and you will see, know, and live your unique, powerful, money-making value.

Here is an example chart from one of our tools that will show your natural energy type. You will get one of these:

GC index sample screenshot.png

What is your Natural High-Value Energy Type? 

We use a tool called the GC Index to help you find your natural energy for impact. To be great at what you do for the long run, in a way that is joyful and powerful, it cannot be forced, it needs to be your natural, real self. Everyone has a sweet spot in their energy where they are shining and thriving and making everything they work on better with ease. When you own your natural high-value energy for impact, success is inevitable.


There are 5 types of natural energies that go into all amazing work and leadership. Which one are you?

  • The Game-Changer

  • The Strategist

  • The Implementer

  • The Polisher

  • The Playmaker

Most people guess incorrectly what their top energy is. Even more people guess incorrectly what their top two combination is. Most people are hardly ever working in their most powerful energy. They just don't know how.

But don't worry. We got you covered. In the Circle of Greatness you will discover your scientifically-validated Energy Type. You will get a report that will show you exactly what your most powerful energy is. This will help you for your entire career. You will do your greatest work while you have a smile on your face, without burnout, only results. That alone is priceless. How far could you go?

Fun Fact About Your Energy Type

The research into the GC Index shows that spending just 20% of your time in your most natural high-value energy more than doubles your productivity and fulfillment the rest of your day. That's power. Who wouldn't want that? What could you accomplish?

What We Do in
Zone of Greatness

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 19.47.37.png

Zone of Greatness is a LIVE online journey that you will take with a small-group of amazing people.


Over 8 weeks you will complete the 4 components of the greatness formula, see how to live it, and make friends and business partners that will aid your greatness for the rest of your career. 

WEEK 1 and 2 - Your Energy Type + 1:1 Coaching Session

We begin! Part 1 of the formula is your GC Index Energy Profile Report. You will take an online questionnaire and get your official report explaining your energy type and exactly how to use it for maximum impact. We deliver this to you in a 1:1 coaching session so all your questions get answered and you will surely know how to take action with this data.

WEEK 3 - Energy Audit Deep Dive

Part 2 of the Greatness Formula is the Energy Audit. We dive deep into how you are currently using your energy in your work life, what types of energy you are using, and how you can make changes to maximize your energy and your impact. In week 3 you will already be finding ways to save time, do higher quality work, and enjoy the shit out of your day. You will see a path to a new job or a growing business.

WEEK 4 - Energy Audit Part Deux + Your weekly / daily structure + Greatness Habits

You will turn your Energy Type and insights from the energy audit into your most powerful weekly routine and daily habits. You will be so energized to start your week. Each day will fill you up with fulfillment. All your work will start to feel easier and your output will make you proud. People will notice the change in you and wonder what drug you are on.

WEEK 5 - Skill Stack Builder

Now we start part 3 of the Greatness Formula: your Skill Stack. This is a set of skills that you own that when combined in specific ways put you in the top 10% of your industry. You will finally see, feel, and understand your unique value, what sets you apart, and how to use that for your Greatness.

WEEK 6 - Surviving Skills vs. Thriving Skills

We all learned survival strategies in life, starting from when we were very young. We bent and twisted ourselves to fit into other people's ideas and societies boxes so that we would be a "good person", well liked, and receive what we thought was love. But it was not love, it was judgement and fear and in Week 6 we break free of all that. We lay your survival skills to the side and pick up your Thriving skills instead. You'll wish you did this years ago. But that's okay, the best time is now and it will serve you for the rest of your life.

WEEK 7 - Connection and Collaboration

At this point you'll be soaring. And watching the other people in the journey with you soaring as well. We will use certain exercises and tools do deepen that collaboration as you practice combining your Zone of Greatness with others. This is necessary for any collaboration you will do in the "real world". This will make your teams work better, faster, and at higher quality as you learn to complement each other's energy and greatness. And you might just find your next best collaborator in this group.

WEEK 8 - Integration and Embodying Your Greatness

Integration means you are able to embody your Zone of Greatness fully in all you do. That your Zone of Greatness becomes automatic, easy, fun. Integration takes place at all 4 levels of learning, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We cover all that so you leave this journey ready to shake up your world.

Meet Your Hosts

Hi! We are Nikki and David of the Change Tribe. We've spent our entire careers helping scores of companies and thousands of people bust through big challenges, see their heart's visions become reality, and make more money. We effing LOVE seeing people harness their Greatness to create amazing things in their life. Will you be next?

How it Works: Your Next Step


Schedule a FREE Greatness Discussion Call

The first step is to meet with us for 30 minutes. Since this is a small group we want to talk with everyone to make sure it's an epic fit for you and an epic fit for us. We want to make sure this will be worth to you 10x your investment in it.


Get Into Your Zone of Greatness

Join the 8-week journey with Nikki, David, and your small group of new best friends and support team. Come to the live sessions, get the worksheets, do the exercises, get help and coaching, and map your joyful success using your Zone of Greatness Formula.


Live Your Greatness and Change Your Life

You will get in your natural energy, own your unique value, find greatness habits, have new friends giving you ideas, support, and connections, make more money, and have more fun. You will love yourself and what you do, know you are using your life for the greatness that benefits all.

Zone of Greatness will show you how to shine like you've never shined before.✨

Here is What You Get in
Zone of Greatness:

8 weeks of support including 6 Live Online Group Coaching Sessions (75 mins each)—filled with mind-blowing exercies and awesome people you can call on for life.

✅ Your Personalized GCI Profile showing your natural high-value energy type. This is the compass to your greatness and your purpose.

✅ 1:1 Coaching session for your for your Energy Type & Integration—it's like having your personal cheerleader.

✅ Undergo an Energy Audit to diagnose what you need to change in your routines.


Greatness habits. These are like automatically accessing your superpowers every day.

✅ Build your skill stack and see how to position yourself as unique in your industry. Never doubt your value ever again.

✅ Put it all together in your Greatness Formula and Integrate it at all 4 levels of learning - whole you possibilities open up for you. 

✅ Emotional processing techniques for moving beyond fear and healing your internal emotional system. You will know how to handle any difficult situation. This alone is worth the entire value of this journey.

✅ Weekly Connection Exercises and online message group —because greatness is easier and more fun with friends.


And that's not all, folks! 🌟 You'll also get:


🌈 BONUS COACHING SESSION: 1:1 Resistance Coaching session with our Emotions Expert, David Papa. So you can learn to dissolve painful emotions and the blocks you are holding against your greatness that are definitely going to come up. (£400 value)

🌈 BONUS COURSE: 7 Tools for Understanding Your Purpose. Because once you know your greatness you're going to want to know what to do with it. (£197 value)


🌈 BONUS COURSE: What's Better Than Goals? Achieving Through Being. Goals don't work for most people. Learn a revolutionary method of knowing exactly what to go for next using your Being. (£197 value)

All this for only £2222. And you'll have NEW skills FOR EVER. 

What could possibly be a better investment than your own greatness?

If you really trusted yourself, understood your purpose, knew your unique value and how you do your greatest work, what would you do with it?

  • Completely change careers?

  • Make a huge leap in your current career?

  • Work very differently in your current organization?

  • Start a new business that's perfect for you?

  • Work with your current clients more powerfully?

  • Chart a path to vastly increasing your income in way that is fun, easy, and natural to you?


We would love to help you with that.

Sam G., London, UK

"I want to thank Nikki  at The Change Tribe for giving me more confidence in myself and my work, and for making me feel more valued as both an employee and a human. I shifted my perspective on my work and myself. I learned that I could be heard, that I could be valued, and that I could seek out my own joy in my professional and personal life. And I was able to transform my own life, taking on a new permanent global role at work, and achieving happiness in my personal life that I didn’t know I could.  The Change Tribe has been instrumental in making me the confident, courageous, and most importantly joyful person I am today. I’m able to see the rewards in the challenges and the value of making change."

Arnaud M., Prague, CZ

"David helped me calm the mind, find the energy in my body which led to me getting my first high ticket client. When I wanted to grow my business to the next level I did one deep session with David, and the next week I had my first ever 5-figure sales week! Then I went through a series of personal challenges and struggled to find new clients after that, but David helped me reframe my strategy around what I love and just a few days later I sold $6000 worth of new coaching. This guy."


Christopher C., UK

"I want to thank Nikki and The Change Tribe for helping me bring a new team together through a closer understanding of each other’s energisers and preferred approach.
 We openly shared our GC Index profiles and in just a couple of days, a team that had been assembled only a couple of months earlier, became an aligned unit. 2.5 years later, this foundation is the bedrock of our high-performing and collaborative team. I shifted my perspective on how to be a new leader, I could be given permission to bring my key strengths and leverage from others. I was able to open up more bandwidth to do more activities that give me the greatest satisfaction and add the most value. The experience left me with a much deeper understanding of myself."

Brandon S., Atlanta, US

"David is an exceptional coach. He's talented, insightful, and the perfect blend of open and directive. He's been tremendous in helping me see how what I do is different and unique, which was a key aspect of me building my business into the 7 figures of revenue that it is today."

Katerina B., Prague, CZ

"I had an in-person business and the lock-downs destroyed it. I decided to put my business online and I was struggling for a long time. Then I committed to working with David and after a few sessions I had my biggest sales month in over 2 years. After a couple more sessions I finally acted on my love of working with animals and within a few weeks I had 15 clients and it keeps growing. Now my business is even more of what I love, and I recently hit a new highest revenue number for my online work."

Chris H. Bristol, UK

"David saved my life. These last few weeks have been some of the most emotionally turbulent and downright STRANGE that I've ever experienced. All kinds of fears came to the surface, deep sadness, loss, confusion and anger. It would have been 100x times harder if it wasn't for the loving kindness, genius, and generosity of this dude! He taught me what to do to move through emotions and get to Peace.​"

Ivaylo G., Columbia

"Doing the work with David, I feel this was the best money I ever spent. I really appreciated that he taught me tools that I can use on my own, supporting me through identifying the roots of negative emotions, and I had a breakthrough when he helped me shift emotions that I previously thought impossible to shift, i.e. anger, fear, self-doubt. I have shifted my energy around money, and as a result, I started my own business. Some people have guides and mentors as they grow up, for those not as fortunate, you can work with someone like David who will help you discover how very powerful you are to shape your reality and enjoy a higher level of wellbeing."

Eric C., Los Angeles, USA

"Your in-person sessions have been f***ing incredible! Thank you for them. One of your sessions opened my throat and I was able to speak differently at work, and another session opened me up to a new opportunity that brought me to LA!"

Don't let stress exhaust you. Live in your natural vitality.

Don't let society bully you. Live by your own rules.

Don't let confusion rattle you. Understand your purpose.

Don't let work overwhelm you. Work smarter and easier.

Don't let self-doubt derail you. Know your value.

Don't let scarcity fool you. Thrive in your abundance.

Don't let mediocrity be your life's work. Unleash your greatest contribution.

Don't settle for a humdrum career. Wake up excited and love what you do.

Don't let fear run your business. Make decisions from your Greatness.

We can't wait to see you in Zone of Greatness!

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