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Are You Being The Leader You Want to Be?

Leader You Want to be

There's a quote by Maya Angelou “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

It may be my ego talking here, but as a person I want to be able to leave a legacy and a genuine, loving feeling. As a Leader I definitely want to leave a legacy, I want to know that I have made a positive impact and difference on all the people I have crossed paths with in my work.

If you were to reflect right now, could you say that you are tuned in to how you make people feel? I remember starting my career in an Accounting firm at home in Oz. I was the Graduate Accountant, just out of University and I was really excited to have my first job, excited about all I was going to learn, the interesting people I would meet. That sense of I am going to be out there in the world doing my thing! I am on my way.

Honestly she could not have made me feel any more insignificant, small, stupid and completely terrified. I left that office every day for 6 months crying. She would scream at me across the office. She would throw things onto my desk and tell me to do it in an hour, having given me no training. She would completely ignore me for days, despite me asking for help. Until the day I got so fed up, I stormed into her office and said "Why do you hate me so much? What did I do so wrong?" She looked at me startled and said "You didn't do anything wrong. Why would you think that?" I proceeded to explain to her how she made me feel, how her actions impacted me.

Now I ended up friends with her and went to her wedding. But as a Leader initially who she was BEING was not the loving woman I got to know. After that confrontation, she was amazing. She really embodied her role as mentor and teacher and she did it with love and kindness. Luckily for me she was open to the conversation.

Take a moment now, how did you show up today for your team? Did you deeply listen to them? Did you ask how they are arriving to the meeting? Did you care about the answer or simply ask because it is social niceties? If it feels good, maybe journal a little about how you showed up. Explore why you showed up that way. What emotions were playing out for you?

Often as Leaders we believe we should operate in a certain way, maybe it is what we learned through others role modelling, maybe it is a perception we have about being strong, not showing emotions. If you want to make that difference, if you want to leave people feeling grateful, happy and expanded from their connection with you it is time to consider WHO IS THE LEADER YOU REALLY WANT TO BE? Journal about this as well, explore how this makes you feel.

The great news is you can be whatever leader you want to be. We know that you have a lot greatness inside of you. It’s a choice, a conscious choice, to tap in and make the changes you want to change for you. When you do, you will see everything around you start to shift because your reality will begin to reflect who you really are. Your absolute beauty, your magnificence and your greatness will shine, dazzle and sparkle. You will begin to lift those around as well because they will rise to meet you.

Change is an inside job on this front. And it is an important job if you want to create that legacy, if you want to really change the dial. Luckily for you, we did a Live Show on this topic! Check it out here!

Love & Sparkles,

Nikki Finucan - of The Change Tribe

PS If this or any of our other work has piqued your curious side and you want to experience more from us, join us next week for our Live Show - Is Fear Hurting Your Bottom Line

PPS - You are a genius. It's just a matter of figuring out what your genius looks like. It could be weird. It could be simple. It will be the most powerful thing you discover for yourself in the world of work. Keep looking. You'll find it. We're here to help.

 PPPS - If your journalling or this newsletter has piqued your interest and you are ready to find out who you want to be as a Leader and create a high vibe organisation, we do corporate healing and leadership energy activation. All that talk of love, we walk that talk. You can walk it for yourself to create the best organization possible and get results that truly matter. Here are some ways:

  1. Zone of Greatness - We have a people impact & productivity data tool that can get every single person on your team playing at their highest level, their Zone of Greatness. You can use this tool to understand your own genius, get the right work to the right people, increase motivation, reduce conflict, and unlock new energy for your best collaboration and quality. They will love you for it. Talk to Nikki to get more details.  

  2. The Level 7 Leader Circle - This is a no-joke program that takes a year. In it you will activate every single one of your 7 leadership energy centers and learn how to do this for others. These 7 areas are what people really crave at work. It's what most businesses are missing and why people quiet quit and actually quit. It's where your power, your intuition, your creativity comes from. Most leaders are playing at level 1, 2 or 3. If get Level 7 you can create maximum motivation, crazy creativity, and over the top engagement doing your greatest work. Our intention is that this is the deepest leadership experience you will ever have. And the most playful. Talk with David to get more details.


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