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Your Real Product Is Love

Whatever your business claims it sells on its website, the actual product is love.

Whatever you are selling, you want customers to love it and tell their friends or buy more.

Even if you are competing solely on price, your customers are loyal to you because they love that and they love saving money.

Whether you are selling something in the realm of health, wealth, relationships, consulting, or factory parts you are offering your customers a chance to love something about themselves or their life or work more.

What you are really selling is love.

I don’t care what your leaders say they need to work on, their job is about love.

They want people to love their work so they do their best.

They want that love to translate to the customer experience so customers rave and love.

They want their people to love their team enough to collaborate for peak performance.

And stay loyal to the company instead of leaving at the first sight of something that might be marginally better.

Leaders, of course, also want to love their own work and what they have accomplished.

Leadership is all about love.

So, it turns out, every business is actually all about love.

But this word might be one of the least used words in any business meeting or leadership training.

We’d rather impress each other with our strategic initiatives and statistical analysis and live in mental over-complication than just admit the emotional simplicity of what we are actually doing.

We are trying to experience love and help others experience that too.

I know this will make some people uncomfortable. For many reasons.

Because we don’t think love and money is compatible.

Because we’ve lived for years in the mind while we ignore our hearts.

Because we know that truly acting on this truth will require MANY changes to how we do business.

It doesn’t have to be hard. The Head and heart can get lined up very easily and quickly to create something beautiful.

What if you started asking these questions in your business meetings and planning cycles?

  • What would we truly love to create?

  • What would our people love to experience?

  • What would our customers absolutely love to have?

  • How can we make our people feel loved?

  • How can we make our customers feel loved?

  • How can we change what we do so we really love coming to work?

  • What would make our hearts effing sing?

There are many more applications of this simple idea that can radically change the course of how your business works internally and makes you money externally.

The energy that will be unleashed will shock you.

However surprising, weird, or totally mundane the answers to those questions may be, you are smart enough and passionate enough to make it a reality and make them profitable.

All the money you create with love is even more valuable because you added love to world.

Your business can be a force for good without even having an official "purpose" or a mission or making donations to a cause.

You can just remember what it is truly all about: Love. And start acting like it.


David of The Change Tribe


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