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What Stories Are You Telling Yourself? What Are Your Self Beliefs?

Self Belief
What are you telling yourself?

Some of the experiments we have been playing with for some years and working on are the stories we tell ourselves. Or better known as our beliefs about ourselves. There is no myth of perfection here at The Change Tribe, we believe change in a mindset and a continuous process. It’s all about having the tools in the toolbox to navigate it.

Let’s talk about these stories. They are the little voice that pushes us forward or blocks us from progress. In the physical body it can show up as your greatest excitement for forward propulsion or the anxiety or fear stopping you in your tracks including lots of different aches and pains.

For a long time I had the story (self belief) Accountants aren’t creative. What I was really saying was I am not creative and potentially I wasn’t enough. Now obviously that was a big old boring story I was telling myself. (Do you see how I made that logical and backed it up with some non existent data point???) It also turns out that it was so far from the truth in many different ways. Through the GC Index there is even a data point that shows I am crazy high levels of creative and innovative! Oh and by the way I am more than enough and so are you!

But the story took root AND this belief pattern stopped me from doing all sorts of things I really wanted to do, how I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up to my work and to my life.

I allowed it to stop me from making certain career choices around exploring marketing.  

I allowed it to stop me from bringing all of myself to work.

I allowed it to stop me from being bold and courageous sometimes.

I allowed it to stop me from following my passion and my excitement.

UNTIL I DIDN’T! Until I realised this was simply a story and I could get creative and re-write the story and I could even be a self rescuing Princess who became the Queen!

The Power of Self-Belief

As you can see what we believe about ourselves, what we put focus on, what stories we tell ourselves shapes our reality, shapes what we create and what we receive. These beliefs can either propel us towards our dreams or hold us back from reaching our true potential. Self-belief is not just a motivational phrase; it's a foundational aspect of our journey towards success and fulfilment and being all that we came here to be. It is the piece of the puzzle that will drastically shift our reality and help us reach our dreams and our destiny.

Identifying Your Core Beliefs

The first step in exploring what you believe about yourself is to identify your core beliefs. These are the deeply held convictions you have about your abilities, worth, and potential.

Here are some journalling prompts to start your exploration of your core beliefs:

🤩Do you dare to dream?

⁉️ Do you believe you are capable of achieving your dreams?

⁉️ When faced with challenges, do you see opportunities or obstacles?

⁉️ How do you perceive your past experiences and their impact on your future?


The Impact of Positive and Negative Beliefs

Our beliefs can be broadly categorized into two types: positive and negative.

Positive Beliefs

Positive beliefs empower us. They foster resilience, motivation, and a proactive mindset. For instance:

🥰"I am capable of learning and growing."

😍"Every challenge is an opportunity for growth."

🥰"I deserve success and happiness."

😍 “I have everything I need within me to create this.”

These affirmations can transform your approach to life, helping you to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities with confidence.

Negative Beliefs

On the other hand, negative beliefs can be restrictive and damaging. They create mental barriers that hinder progress and keep us stuck in self-doubt. Examples include:

👿"I'm not good enough to succeed."

👿"Failures define my worth."

👿"I don't deserve to be happy."

👿 “This always happens to me.”

Identifying, recognising and being aware and challenging these negative beliefs is the keys to your personal growth and self-improvement.

Transforming Your Beliefs

The good news is you can transform your beliefs. Whilst it is not an overnight process, it is achievable with consistent connection, listening and self-awareness. Here are some steps to help you reshape your belief system:

1. Listen to the internal chatter: Connect to and watch your thoughts. Listen to them carefully. Do they fill you with confidence and motivation? Or do you find yourself doubting lots? Notice any regular patterns in your body. Regular headaches, a recurring ache or pain. The body houses lots of information for us about our beliefs. Start to journal or document what you are noticing in your thoughts and in your body. This exercise can be a powerful tool to uncover underlying beliefs.

2.  Positive Affirmations: When the internal chatter is negative, when the body is under stress and showing you signs, replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations. Repeating these affirmations throughout your day can gradually shift your mindset. Particularly when you notice some negative internal chatter, choose one of your favourites affirmations – say it out loud or repeatedly write it. Put post it notes all over the place. Some of my favourites:

✨I am a powerful, creative, spiritual being.

✨I choose to be …. Happy, empowered, joyful, fulfilled (Pick or add your version)

✨I am loved and supported.

✨ I am whole and complete as I am.

✨I am perfectly imperfect.

Affirmations Positive Beliefs
My monitor with some of my post it notes!

3. Surround Yourself with Positivity: Notice who and what you are engaging with and connecting with everyday. Notice if they are adding to your positive beliefs or are they helping keep you connected to the negative and limiting beliefs. For instance what does your social newsfeed look like? Are your friends and colleagues mired in the negative or the challenging. Remember what you focus on is what becomes your reality. Engage with supportive, positive people, communities and content who uplift and inspire you.

4. Action and Evidence: Take small, grounded and actionable steps towards your goals. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small, to build evidence that supports your positive beliefs. Every win should be celebrated as it is one step closer to being even more of you! And you are glorious!

5. Get Support & Accountability Systems in Place: Having a coach, mentor, therapist or community who can provide strategies and support will accelerate this shift. Shifting old stories and beliefs is so rewarding and worthwhile and is so much easier when you are surrounded and supported by others who have done it, been through it and who might be going through it. Remember you are never alone and you do not have to be. There are lots of wonderful coaches, practitioners and communities out there for you.

What you believe about yourself is a cornerstone of your success and happiness. By identifying and transforming your beliefs, you can open doors to new possibilities and create a life that truly reflects your potential. Remember, the journey to self-belief is ongoing, but every step you take brings you closer to living your best life.

We appreciate you for reading this blog post and doing your inner work, helping create a better world. You are amazing! You are magical and deserve the very best, most magnificent life. Keep shining your light.

If you want a supportive, connective community to help you accelerate bring your dreams to reality, helping you shift burn out, step into your true potential, we are the place for you. We will help you create the tools and build out your toolbox to live your most magnificent potential. Schedule a chat with us, we love to help people shine their brightest.

Leave your gifts of light as you sparkle brightly. With much love,

Nikki - of The Change Tribe


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