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"Life is too short & precious not to go after your career purpose"

Doing work you were meant too
Career purpose

Last week we spent time on our Connected People Change Live show with Ashley Freeman, author of The Path to Your Career Purpose, exploring the big topic of Purpose. I know when I used to think about his, it would feel overwhelming, it would feel like I was running out of time. That’s the beauty of it all though, I am not running out of time. Every single step I have taken, big or small, has been in service to uncovering and getting clearer on my purpose. More importantly it has been an exploration and constant experimentation.

The biggest thing that shifted for me in starting to get super clear on my life purpose and how my career purpose feeds that, was when I began to truly understand myself and really open my heart to all life’s experiences. I know, I know that all sounds like complete and utter arty farty, fluffy bollocks. What is now fascinating looking back with 20-20 hindsight vision, is I was so closed off, so defensive, so protective. I wasn’t even living my fullest life all the time. No wonder I was struggling to uncover my purpose if I wasn’t feeling all that was available to me through my experiences, through my encounters and through my connections.

How do I know I wasn’t fully living; I wasn’t fully feeling. I was living in a constant state of fear. I became very aware of that. There were too many moments where my behaviours were really showing the limiting beliefs at play, it felt more important for ME to:

“Be right”

“Be heard and validated”.

"To be the smartest in the world”.

Once again, I became aware that I wasn’t connecting to others, understanding, exploring and really deeply hearing them. I knew I was ready for my purpose to come into focus and so that meant I had to do the inner work of really getting connected to me, hearing others more deeply supported that. I was fuelled by my passion that work could be different, it could be fun AND I had the incredible experience that it was. I began by noticing my emotions, my reactions when I connected with others, through this I understood more about me, my needs, my joys, my desires. Ultimately what I explore through these emotions is the limiting beliefs that are holding me back in a moment from doing something incredible and being someone who is full of love and light.

Ashley shared with us the steps she uses and continues to work on, in pursuit of her life purpose to love people generously for exactly who they are, just because they exist so that they can be the fullest, most authentic version of themselves, she does this through unblocking their path:

Step 1: Notice - What are the things you enjoy doing vs the things you are good at. Notice what you really enjoy about your job. Notice the meetings that make you happy, notice what happens in them, how you participated. Get specific about what part of those tasks, meetings, emails, conversations that you really enjoyed, that was interesting and that drew you in. Notice the themes. These are your leads or your breadcrumbs towards beginning to explore your purpose.

Step 2: Follow – Follow those elements of your work that give you that enjoyment, that draw you in, create excitement and interest. Explore and get curious as you follow. Follow these leads, these breadcrumbs and learn about yourself.  Sign up for events, or trainings in areas that really interest you, even if it doesn’t always feel logical or linear. Read blogs, articles, books about your themes. This will create more clarity.

We like to add another couple of steps to this process:

Step 3: Feel it in your body. As you explore and get curious with your leads and breadcrumbs notice how your body responds and reacts, notice where the emotions come up in the body as you continue to follow what magically comes in front of you. If it is excitement, joy, contentment or happiness chances are you are moving towards the right path. There will be moments that it feels a little scary too, but if the over-riding feeling is excitement, joy, contentment or happiness trust that you already know. Keep taking each tiny step forward.

Step 4: Create your Support System. As you go on this exploration adventure we know you will encounter obstacles, challenges and people that want to bring you back to the perceived “safe” path. Know that when these obstacles pop up, challenges slap you,  you are doing something incredible, something meaningful. This is your indicator you are on the right path. The best way to work with these obstacles and challenges is find your support system. Find your people, your tribe, your coach and your tools & techniques to help you continue your personal growth and expansion. Increase your toolbox to help you work with these challenges whether that is techniques like emotional processing, havening, journalling or Qi Gong for instance that help you and support your well being as you journey towards your purpose.

The road filled with purpose and passion is not for the faint of heart but it is going to be the greatest adventure you will ever have. You also do not have to do it alone, in fact you weren’t actually meant too. The greatest change for all comes when you connect to yourself and others to create change for yourself. Be the beautiful beacon of light you were meant to be, and if you want to be part of a supportive tribe… you know what to do… it’s why we exist at The Change Tribe.


Sending you love & sparkles until next time,

Nikki XOXO


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