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Leading by Example: The Heart of Effective Leadership

Leading by Example: The Heart of Effective Leadership
Leading by Example

On the hamster wheel of business and life, it is the perception that leaders are admired for their strategic acumen and decisiveness. Give yourself a moment to think about a Leader that has made a difference in your journey, your career and been instrumental in changes you have made for you. Was it their strategic acumen or decisiveness you remember and admire, or is it something else?

When I think about some of the leaders who have changed my life and my career trajectory it was never their strategic ability or decisiveness. It was who they were, how they showed up and what they did.

I have had the pleasure and the blessing of working with some truly remarkable Leaders who have changed my life. Let’s talk about Daniella, from an Accounting practice where my career began. Her initial behaviours were abhorrent, she used to scream at me over the partitions about clients we were working on, she wouldn’t spend time teaching me even though I was a trainee accountant, she would invite every other woman in the office to lunch together but never, ever me. This was the first 4 months of my career. I would cry all the way home every day. This experience imprinted on me deeply. I knew what I didn’t want to be.

Then there was Gwen, known as the Dragon Lady to everyone all over the country. She was one of the kindest, most heart led Leaders I have had the joy to work with. She lived and breathed her values and was very open about them with her teams and her customers. She was strict but fair, she communicated constantly and expected that from everyone else. She was always consistent in her behaviours, there was never any surprises. She created a space where learning was mandatory because she always wanted to learn. She would spend time training her team members in different areas. Her team was extremely high performing because she cared about everyone and was always helping everyone keep learning.

Our sadly departed Lou taught me how to find deep passion in my work. She changed the trajectory of my career and my life, with a simple sentence filled with love because she saw what I didn’t yet know. She modelled vulnerability as a superpower in all she did. She asked for help, she tapped into the talents of those around her.

And let’s not forget Richard, without whose help I wouldn’t be doing what I do today. He role modelled self awareness and practiced it with me each and every day. Always coaching, supporting and sharing love in his whole team.

As you can see from my experiences, and I have no doubt your own, the most profound impact a leader can make stems from their ability to lead by example. It’s not merely about setting directions or outlining visions; it’s about embodying the very essence of what you expect from others. Today, I want to share insights on how each one of us can enhance our leadership through authentic actions and self-awareness.

Embodying Your Values

Every action you take, no matter how minor it may seem, reinforces the culture of your organization. As leaders, our behaviours send powerful messages to our team members. They watch not only what we do but also how we do it. This observation shapes their perceptions of what is valued within our teams and, ultimately, influences their own behaviours. Therefore, it's crucial to align our actions with the core values we advocate.

The Power of Self-Awareness

One of the first steps in leading by example is self-examination. Regularly take time to reflect on your actions: What messages are your behaviours sending? Are you practicing what you preach? Self-awareness allows us to be cognizant of our strengths and areas where we might fall short. Importantly, it opens the door to vulnerability, a powerful trait in leadership.

Vulnerability as Strength

Vulnerability is often seen as a weakness, but in leadership, it's a profound strength. By acknowledging our imperfections and openly addressing them, we not only humanize ourselves but also create an environment where honesty and growth are at the forefront. This transparency encourages a culture of trust and mutual support within the team.

Consistency Matters

Our words carry weight, but our actions often speak louder. Consistency in what we say and what we do serves as a foundation for trust. It assures our team that we are reliable and dependable, making it easier for them to buy into our vision and values. Inconsistencies between our words and actions can lead to confusion and diminish our credibility as leaders.

Giving Yourself Space

Leadership is demanding, and it's easy to get caught up in the immediacy of tasks and decisions. However, true leadership growth—like any change—requires space. Carve out time in your schedule to reflect on your leadership journey and the progress of your team. This not only helps in maintaining a healthy perspective but also allows for adjustments as needed, ensuring that your leadership style remains effective and responsive.

Embrace Your Humanity

Finally, remember that leadership is not about perfection. Don't berate yourself for habitual reactions or mistakes. Instead, acknowledge them and learn from them. This not only helps in personal growth but also sets a powerful example for your team about the importance of learning and resilience.

As leaders, the journey is never solely about the goals we achieve but about the influence we wield and the paths we pave for others to follow. By leading by example, we not only uplift our own leadership but also inspire and enable a whole new generation of leaders. It's a powerful cycle of positive influence and shared growth, rooted deeply in the everyday actions we take.

Embrace these principles as you continue to lead. Not only will you strengthen your own leadership skills, but you'll also catalyse the growth of those around you. Here’s to leading with intention, humility, and a clear vision for the future!

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