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A Different Perspective

Different perspectives at work
Different perspective

“People get frustrated with each other NOT because of our personalities, but because we each want to make a different impact and we all do that in different ways, with different motivators.” – Simon Etherington, Chief Strategist, GC Index®. This is an element of our personal perspective lens we look through. Layer into this our experiences that impact how we look at things. There is then the layer of limiting beliefs and conditioning that contribute to the lens of our perspective. We can start to see already where the disconnection comes into play in teams and organisations.

Sounds obvious I know, but often we forget when we’re caught up in the moment and this is where the conflict is created or even accelerated for teams and organisations.

What does this really mean though, for our day to day work and life?

🤯Each of us have a different way of solving a problem.

🎬Each of have a different way of taking action.

👍Each of us have a different standard of good enough.

Therefore how many different perspectives exist in a team, let alone an organisation. The  detrimental impact of not understanding these perspectives in a work context:

Productivity Gaps:

  • Strategies that are unclear or may not even exist, allowing your organisation to drift.

  • Disengaged people in your organisation – quiet quitting.

  • Poor performance or results due to lack of innovation and creativity in products and serving clients.

  • Fixed mindsets blocking your organisational evolution.

Well Being:

  • High levels of sick leave, stress leave due to people not feeling valued for the work they do.

  • People not doing the right work to create the impact that energises them.


  • Higher costs of doing business as people are not aligned to their most impactful work and ways of working.

  • Longer amount of time to achieve strategy and goals due to misalignment above and egos.

  • Toxic cultures created so people won’t want to collaborate because it is simply too difficult to navigate.

How Can Your Harness The Different Perspectives in Your Organisation?

1.      Get really clear on first what we want to achieve. Write it down, the bigger vision, the goals, the objectives and what does success and achieving look and feel like.


2.      Let’s get the right people involved! Start by creating data picture of all the incredible people, skills, talents and capabilities around us.

We start with data from GC Index®. We understand where everyone is energised to make impact aligned to business outcomes.  Understanding where the Game Changers are in the organisation with great vision, new ideas, transformational possibilities. Strategists who make sense of those ideas through looking at data, trends, patterns and creating a plan. Implementers that take action to make ideas the reality and to a standard that is fit for purpose. Polishers who innovate on what already exists and bring a level of excellence to all your organisation does. Play Makers that bring all your people together, create the consensus quickly to keep the organisation moving forward and motivate the people.

We can also begin to assess through a data picture is each team the right combination and fit to complete the mission the team are expected to complete.

3.      Align the people so they are most energised to make impact! Once we have the data picture of where people are energised to make impact (which is also where they will be most highly engaged, therefore in their most productive), we align the skill stacks. Understanding Energy + Skills = Impact.

Understanding what skills are really needed in each role along with what energy for impact is required to truly achieve in that role. This begins to set up each role to be it’s most impactful and then matching the right people to the roles. This create a higher level of engagement, and allows for the person undertaking the role to be their most energised and productive.

Once we bring these 2 elements together and align people to the right roles to make impact and get energised it begins to help people feel a true sense of belonging to where they fit in an organisation.

Through this understanding we have also begun to remove ego, barriers and frustrations. This allows higher levels of collaboration because we have permission to work in our zones of greatness and we begin to build trust.

Everything we do in any organisation is change. We need to help people be aligned to what that change is and see where they both belong and fit in creating the change. This is how we harness all the magnificent and different perspectives of all the talented people in our organisations.

Are you ready to harness the different perspectives in your organisation. Touch base with us and let us help you on that journey.


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